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Special Projects.


1. Field House new LED lighting project. Estimated Cost $4,000. We have currently completed 

    lower lighting and upper-level lighting including bathroom facilities. Total cost need to complete is $2,000. This will                                complete the LED lights above the arena floor. 

2. Field House restroom facility. The restrooms have not been updated at all. They are currently in need of new toilets, urinals,                plumbing mechanics, new stalls and new flooring. Our estimated construction / renovation for this project is estimated at $7,000

3. Field House Painting Project and Historic Preservation Project: This project is very unique in our attempt to not only upgrade the        cosmetics of inside the facility but to preserve the history of Williamson and the history of the Historic Memorial Field House. Our        goal is to re-paint and also hang canvases through-out the faciltiy upstairs and downstairs that would depict the history of                  Williamson and the history of the Historic Williamson Field House. This project's projected construction / renovation cause is              $10,000

4. Field House HVAC Project: We are currently looking for sponsors and fundraising to install in the Historic Williamson Field House        a HVAC system with sufficient AC and Heat to allow our facility to become a year-round functional venue for events, kids                    programs and tourism initiatives. The total estimated cost is $230,000. 

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